Give It Up

Give It Up

Are you driven by money? Give it up.

Are you a multitasker? Give it up.

Do you work for power? Give it up.

Can you sell binoculars to a blind man?  Give it up.

Like cream in your coffee? Give it up.

Lent starts tomorrow. It’s a Christian period of sacrifice, abstinance, and reflection. Lent lasts 40 days.

Catholics are still encouraged to give up a temporal pleasure during Lent–every day but Sunday. The sacrifice should be private and small, because visible and grandiose sacrifices tend to lead to pride, not humility.

These concepts are so foreign today, aren’t they?

How many of us–believers or not–ever consciously choose to humble ourselves? In the popular culture that worships Lady Gaga and Modanna, humility, modesty, and abstiance are mortal sins.

Think, though, of the power of humility and futility of power. The mighty fall, but he lowly march on. Stories of the rich and powerful and greedy might entertain, but it’s always the tale of the little guy, the good person, the cleaning woman that moves hearts and minds.

Naked pursuit of money, distraction, and power make us temporarily stronger and permanently weaker. What’s it worth to gain the world and lose your soul?

Let begins Wednesday. Give something up. Don’t tell anyone.

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