The Line For Mailbox iPhone App Is Very Long and Moving Slowly **UPDATE**

**UPDATE**  The line sped up, I got in, and I love it. Mailbox is a huge improvement over every email app I’ve tried on iOS.  It’s better than the gmail app, and way better than the built-in iOS email app. Too bad it works only with gmail.

I wish enterprise email system (i.e. Exchange/Outlook) were biased to productivity and action like free, personal email systems.  It seems silly that enterprise software slows us down and overloads us with crap, while personal systems let us focus on important things.

Perhaps that’s one reason why big companies need government bailouts and regulations–to protect them from small companies that actually get stuff done.

Original Post:

Over 270,000 people are in line for access to a promising new email app for iPhone called Mailbox. It got a great review on LifeHacker today.

Mailbox - Put Email In Its Place

The app hit the App Store today, but the company has been taking reservations for weeks.

I was number 64,980, and access is granted in the order you placed your reservation.

The app displays the number of people in front and behind you, so you can tell how fast the line is moving.


The bad news: the line is crawling.

In three hours, I’ve gone from 64,980 to 64, 790. That’s about one person per minute. At this pace, I’ll get access on March 24, 2013.

If you reserve your spot right now, you’ll get access on August 28 at about 2 a.m.

For more, see the Mailbox site.

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